Are You Guilty of Doing the One Behavior that Consistently Destroys Marriages and Relationships?

The Secret to Weapon to Actually Improving Communication in Your Relationship!

Are Anxiety and Fear Holding You Back From Doing
Something Big?

Four Mindset Shifts that will Change your Life and Improve
Self-Esteem Forever



Self-Esteem Related Articles

One Sure Fire Strategy to Improve Your Confidence

I can’t think of one person who does not want to have more Confidence. After all, it seems to be a key marker of success. When we look at people who know how to maximize their potential, confidence seems to be the one common denominator. However when asked most of these seemly successful individuals will admit that they question their abilities, suffer from anxiety and often feel insecure. So, if this is the case how do they appear to be so Confident and have a high level of success?


Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Have you ever thought, “I cannot catch a break,” “why do I attract all the wrong people,” or “why does this keep happening to me?” You might be suffering from a serious condition: self-sabotage. Whether it is losing weight, landing a job, graduating from school, or having a healthy relationship; goals help us identify what we want and where we want to be. At times, it feels like everyone and everything is against us undermining all our efforts and moving our finish line further away.  It is easy to see when someone or something is standing in our way. What happens when you are subconsciously getting in the way of the finish line? Self-sabotage comes in many shapes and forms, but all forms have one thing in common, we do it ourselves.


Mothers, Are Your Words Lowering Your Teens Self-Esteem?

Is there a disconnect between your intention as a mother and your words?

The other day while shopping for a new dress, I overheard a mother and her college age daughter having a discussion. It was one of those innocent situations that we all run into every day. I was in the dressing room next to them, trying not to listen but finding myself listening. The young woman had an event to attend for her college sorority. Her mother very loudly made comments about the outfits that she tried on, “that makes you look heavy”, “that one shows your arms”, “this one is nice but it’s tight around your stomach”.

Relationships/Infidelity Articles

How I Help Women Recover from Their Infidelity BackStory

If you have ever been cheated on you know it’s one of the worse feelings in the world. You can’t sleep, can’t eat, and can’t think straight. In fact, you feel like you are losing your mind. One minute you want to stay and work it out, the next minute you guys are having sex and in the next hour, you’re researching attorneys. Unfortunately, over the last decade, I have worked with so many women in this exact position. Some of the main questions I get asked are “How am I ever going to get the image of them having sex out of my mind?” or “How do I get over feeling like I am so stupid for even thinking about staying?” The first thing I explain to my client is that moving past this situation will be very and I do mean very difficult, but it is DOABLE. I believe that five concrete very specific steps must take place in order to move forward.


Every Time I Try to Talk to My Spouse About a Problem It Ends In a Fight!

“Every time I try to talk to my spouse about a problem it ends in a fight”

I have heard this statement countless times from both men and women. In love relationships, one of the greatest challenges is to learn how to talk through problems. A mixture of hurt feelings, past lies, and anger makes talking seem impossible. Couples often find that the statement “we need to talk” turns into a yelling match with each person trying to prove their point. In the end, words are said that cannot be taken back, and you feel worse than before you started the conversation. Developing healthy communication takes effort and time. Your communication skills are muscles, in order to strengthen the muscle you have to exercise it.


The Real Story Behind Why You Can’t Get the Relationship Thing Right

You’re no cry baby, you’re not sitting at home talking about woe is me because of something that happened to you in childhood or because you don’t’ have a great relationship with your family or because of a failed relationship.

You have picked yourself up by the bootstraps and Made Life Happen.

You crushed, stomped and demolished your BackStory.

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