Do you ever feel like at this point in your life you should have things more figured out?

The truth is most healthy adults feel the exact same way because adulting is difficult, messy and exciting all at the same time. Going through the maze of………

Relationship Drama, Finding Self-love, Raising a Family and Establishing a Successful career isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s so hard many highly successful adults find themselves;

  • Overeating
  • Overshopping
  • Drinking too much
  • Suffering from anxiety and panic attack
  • Unable to sleep at night
  • Doubting decisions that use to come easy
  • Giving too much to people who don’t deserve it
  • Unable to keep anger and frustration under wraps and
  • Settling for relationships that don’t work


So! What’s at the core of why otherwise smart successful adults still find themselves struggling?

It’s usually because they have not truly broken their BackStories. Your BackStory is all the junk from past experiences you tell yourself no longer affects you, while secretly it slips into how you think, feel, behave, and react to life. To get straight to the point it’s…

  • The negative relationship that left you feeling broken and unwanted.
  • It’s the yucky stuff you experienced in childhood that you never discuss.
  • It’s daddy issues, mommy issues, and all the family drama.
  • It’s the feeling of not being smart enough, prettier enough or thin enough.
  • And it’s all the experiences that left you feeling bullied, victimize and taken for granted.

The tricky thing is most of us have found a way to be relatively successful despite these events so we think we’ve buried the past while all along it just moved to a different place in our life.

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Cracking the BackStory Code

I developed a tool called the BackStory Breakthrough Method™ to tackle the issues we face in adulthood. The method helps you identify and heal backstories that subconsciously affect how you think about yourself and how you behave in relationships. If you’ve had a series of failed relationships or struggle with insecurities this approach is for you. My 20 plus years in the counseling field and seeing over 20,0000 clients has given me a bird’s eye view on how to tackle the BackStoires that make adulting difficult.



Still Trying to Figure Out If You Need Some Help?

Check Out Our Symptoms Check List.


  • Little interest or pleasure in doing things
  • Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much
  • Feeling tired or having little energy
  • Poor appetite, overeating, or considerable weight changes
  • Feeling bad about yourself – that you are a failure or having a lot of guilt
  • Difficulty concentrating on things or making decisions
  • Moving or speaking slowly, so that other people have noticed, or being so restless that you’ve been moving around a lot
  • Thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself in some way


  • Constantly feeling tense, worried, or on edge
  • Your anxiety interferes with your work, school, or family responsibilities?
  • You are plagued by fears that you know are irrational, but can’t shake?
  • You believe that something bad will happen if certain things aren’t done a certain way?
  • Avoiding everyday situations or activities because they cause you anxiety
  • Sudden, unexpected attacks of heart-pounding panic
  • Feeling like danger and catastrophe are around every corner?
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