Online Course for Women & Teens

This 10-day online course is focused on helping women improve confidence, release emotional baggage, and learn how to have healthy relationships. The course outlines tools and strategies that highly successful women use to achieve their goals. Successful women are NOT always the most talented, beautiful or intelligent person in the room. Successful women have learned how to shift mindsets, release insecurities, and practice consistent daily habits that propel them to success.

Dr. Neely shares a message about the Course

Who Should Take The Course

  • Women who want to learn how to let of go insecurities,  improve a relationship and release success blocks.
  • Mentors who work with women and young girls and want to learn tools to foster a positive self-image.
  • Young adult 16-18 who are in a transitional point in their life; leaving home for college, starting the first job, or in the first serious relationship.


You Will Get:

  • 10 Video Lessons
  • Workbook (31-page downloadable reading tutorial)
  • Journal (10-day downloadable success journal with specific daily prompts to get you in the habit of thinking differently)
  • Six printable worksheets  (each worksheet will help you specifically target issues and find solutions)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (If you fully participate in all aspects of the class, complete all exercises, and do not feel the information provided gave you tools to address relationship and confidence issues we will refund 100% of your money. You must provide written proof that all class exercises were completed.)
  • Lifetime access to the class
  • Online format – learn anywhere, anytime
  • Certificate of Completion
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