The cost to see a Ph.D. or Master’s Level Counselor is between $90-$120.00 per 1-hour session. The price is dependent on if you are getting couples counseling, family counseling or individual counseling. All counselors have multiple years of experience and success with counseling couples, individuals, teens, and families. They have all successfully passed state requirements and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your situation.

Health Insurance

We do not accept most health insurance plans because insurance companies require us to disclose confidential information about you such as your mental health diagnosis.  In many instances, you may not have a diagnosis but we are still required to provide one to get payment. Many of our clients choose to pay out of pocket for services and then have their health insurance company reimburse them for a portion of the session. We provide you with the necessary documentation to submit for reimbursement.

Affordable Counseling

If you are currently in a financial bind we offer an “affordable counseling solution”. The rate is $70.00  for a 40-minute session. These sessions are not designed for long term counseling issues.

Payment Policy (please read)

We require you provide us with a credit card at the time you book your appointment. Your card will ONLY be charged if you no show or cancel with less than 24 hr notice two or more times. This policy is in place in order to compensate our counselors for the effort and time they made to show up for the appointment. We do have secure HIPPA compliant credit cards procedures. The no show/late cancel charge is $50.00.

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