Building Back Trust After An Infidelity, Video


If you are struggling with moving past your partner’s affair this downloadable video series is for you. Dr. Neely will take you through the six specific steps you and your partner need to take to move past the affair. Once you complete the series she will then give you a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your particular situation. Here’s is what you will get; Immediate access to your six part video series, concrete steps the person cheated on needs to take in order to trust again, forgive, and move forward, Concrete steps that the cheater needs to take for the relationship to heal and move forward, and one Free 15 minute couples phone consultation with Dr. Neely

Successful Women Play By Different Rules


This 10-day online course is focused on helping women improve confidence, release emotional baggage, and learn how to have healthy relationships. The course outlines tools and strategies that highly successful women use to achieve their goals. You will get 10 Video Lessons, 31 page Workbook, Journal,
 Six printable worksheets, Lifetime Access, Virtual learning anytime anywhere and it  100% Money Back Guarantee.

The Self-Confidence Boosting Tool Kit


Get instant access to the downloadable Self-Confidence Boosting Tool Kit.  The tool kit will teach you 10 specific tools to improve your confidence, eliminate the feeling of not being good enough, and improve self-esteem. The techniques you will learn have been used by helping professionals for decades. Each tool addresses a different dynamic of self-esteem, but collective takes a mind, body, soul approach. The kit includes a detailed explanation of how to use each tool, a daily planning section, and a brief journal entry section.

Straight Talk: A mother-daughter conversation about self-acceptance and learning to love your hair


A children’s self-esteem book every little girl needs to read. Straight Talk  uses hair as a vehicle to spur conversation about the common cultural experience of hair-shaming that many African American girls experience. The unique use of actual historical facts gives the child a history lesson and teaches them self-acceptance. The book is based on Dr. Neely’s qualitative research in the area of culture and self-esteem.

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