Infidelity Quiz


Take the  Infidelity Quiz! Simply click next and answer 10 easy questions. Your results will be shown at the end of the quiz.

1) Do you feel your partner been one hundred percent honest about all the details of the affair?
2) Has your partner been open to answering questions and discussing the affair? 

3) When confronted about the affair did your partner come clean right away? 

4) In your past have you been the type of person that forgives easily and moves on from hurts?
5) Do you think it’s possible for a couple to move past an affair?
6)  Do you feel that some of your actions may have lead your partner to committing the affair? 
7) Do you feel that your partner is truly sorry for hurting you?
8) Since the affair have you and you partners communication increased?
9) Since you found out about the affair have you and your partner had more sexual intercourse?  


10) Do you truly want to save you relationships and find happiness with your partner again?  



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