The BackStory Retreat

A Training for Mentors, Coaches, & Business Leaders

March 31, 2018
San Antonio, Texas

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Calling All Mentors, Coaches, and Business Leaders; We Need To Close The Confidence Gap!

Research has consistently shown that women tend to underestimate their value. As a leader in your industry, you have probably seen amazing women settle for less in so many ways. You probably also know that that helping someone to believe in themselves isn’t easy, in fact, it’s darn right hard. Just telling them to believe in themselves doesn’t always work.

What you need is a reliable, time-tested method to change mindset, increase confidence and let go of fear. I am hosting a retreat for leaders who are ready to learn a new approach to helping the people they lead.

You will get certified to use my signature method, The BackStory Breakthrough Method™. The format is train the trainer, meaning that attendees will first focus on doing their own personal development then learn how to use the method to help the people they serve.

The BackStory
Breakthrough Method

Break Through Change

Lasting Results

Increased Success
and Profit

Here’s What The BackStory Method is All About

Your BackStory is all the past experiences and events in your life that left you feeling taken for granted, rejected, or not good enough. You convince yourself that you are over those experiences, but they find a way to creep into how you think, behave, and live.

Eventually, your BackStory turns into a  defense mechanism, a pattern of behavior you exhibit when placed in situations that consciously or subconsciously remind you of the past. Your BackStory is tricky and resistant to change because it believes it needs to hang around to protect you from getting hurt. It automatically takes over and makes you do things like; go into fight or flight mode, shut down, isolate yourself, overreact to situations, and over think decisions and choices.

You will learn a step by step approach to help yourself and the people you work with quickly identify backstories, rewire negative backstories and create a new story.

This method is present-day focused and does NOT require deep psychological processing of the past.


The Science & Psychology behind The BackStory Breakthrough Method™

The BackStory Breakthrough Method™ is infused with the principles from three empirically proven theories of change; including positive psychology, narrative therapy, and emotional intelligence. Each systematic step in the method carefully implements principals from these core proven change theories.

Core Principles

Your narrative drives your life outcome; change your narrative and your life will change.

Negative emotions are caused by what you reinforce in your brain, rewire how you process information and you will change how you feel and behave.

True change happens by believing first then doing, there is power in setting positive intentions.

Three multi-ethnic women in business meeting

Who Should Attend?

If you’ve seen first hand how lack of self-confidence can derail someone’s life and career  this retreat is for you.

If you’ve been searching for a systematic approach to help the people you serve, stop over thinking and make better decisions, then this retreat is for you.

If you are ready to work on your personal development especially when it comes to how you react, think, and behave this retreat is for you.

All participants should have existing education, experience or skills in the area of mentoring, business leadership, coaching, or counseling. The method is designed to be used in conjunction with existing skills.

Business Leaders


Life Coaches

Business Coaches


Non Profit Leaders

Social Workers


Church Leaders

What You’ll Get

One hour and a half of  in-depth training on how to understand and work through your BackStory (personal development)

One hour and a half of instruction on how to utilize and teach the BackStory method to girls and women

BackStory manual which includes worksheets, examples and detailed instructions. Everything you need to teach the method yourself

General level training certificate

Small group setting designed to help you get one on one attention 20-30 women

Catered lunch and refreshments

Thank-you bag packed full of goodies

Opportunity to collaborate and be inspired by other successful women


Certification Process

The retreat is designed to help you become trained to use The BackStory Method. The format is train the trainer, meaning that attendees will first focus on doing their own personal development then learn how to use the method to help the people they serve. The method is to be used in conjunction with your existing training, education, and credentials. The training process is divided into two levels General and Master.

The General Level – This level introduces you to the basic concepts, usage, and ideas behind the method. It enables you to begin gaining experience. This retreat is a general level training.

The Master Level – This level takes a detailed look at how to apply the method to particular situations, populations, and specific issues. Individuals trained at this level will obtain client training hours and additional individual coaching. You must obtain your general certificate before you are eligible for your Master certificate. This retreat is not a Master level training.

Disclaimer: The Back Story Breakthrough Method has been trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark office. All retreat attendees will be required to sign an agreement regarding the use of the BackStory name and method.

Ready to Get Started?

The BackStory Retreat

Price $350

If you want to attend this event but are in financial hardship please contact Dr. Neely at drkirleen@neelycounseling.com. A limited amount of retreat scholarships are available.

March 31, 2018
7902 Calle Rialto
San Antonio, TX, 78257

Sponsored by:
CKC Custom Homes

Our Venue

Environment dictates how we feel and learn. As the host of this retreat, I have taken this into close consideration. We have selected a beautiful custom home designed by CKC Custom Homes, located in North West San Antonio as our venue. The minute you walk into this house, you will get a sense of privacy, class, and elegance. The venue has easy access to the freeway and is within minutes of multiple hotels and the beautiful La Cantera mall. CKC custom homes is an award-winning, luxury custom home builder in San Antonio, Texas and the Hill Country.

Nearby Hotels: 

Spring Hill Marriott, 18119 Talavera Ridge, San Antonio, TX 78257  ( 210)543-2000

Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio 5730 Rim Pass, San Antonio, TX 78257 (210) 696-3500

Venue Address: 7902 Calle Rialto San Antonio, TX 78257

Retreat Contact Phone Number: 210-748-4773

Here Are Some Kudos about Your Host and Presenter

“Transforming. That word closely expresses my interactions with Dr. Kirleen Richardson-Neely. She is patient, gentle, calm, confident, insightful, and gifted. I came to her broken seeking restoration. She offered the tools for me to self-redirect my hurts and to fix my brokenness.”

–Thankful Client

“It’s obvious once you get to know Dr. Neely why her clients have supported her throughout the years. Dr. Neely is truly a talented individual who devotes her heart into any opportunities that present themselves to her whether that is as a therapist, author, or educator.”

–Belias Torres

“I had the honor and privilege of having Dr. Neely as my supervisor during my Counseling Internship. She was very instrumental in helping me to become the counselor I am today. I actually brag to others about her being a ‘Rock Star.’ That’s just my way of saying how proud I am to have her as a mentor and colleague.”

–Tonya Smith

“She held the room mesmerized for 2 hours as she shared content to transform and touch lives (everyone said it wasn’t enough time and could have been an entire conference). Kirleen is a life transformer and she is getting ready to change the lives of even more people as she follows the path that God has set before her.”

–Franka Baly


Your Host and  Presenter

Dr. Neely has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Neely Counseling Center since its inception in 2001. She has worked with a wide array of populations including; children, adolescents, couples, and families. She frequently appears on national radio and television shows as a guest expert speaking about confidence, self-esteem and relationship satisfaction for women. Some of her appearances include Sirius XM’s Maggie Linton Show, WBDJ7 The Joy Sutton Show, and The National Black Child Development Conference.

Dr. Neely’s first children’s book titled Straight Talk was published in 2014 and won the prestigious Indie Excellence Book Award finalist division. This book is a culmination of her groundbreaking qualitative research in the area of hair shaming and self-esteem for young girls. She has also published numerous articles in the area of self-esteem.

She currently manages the day to day operations of the counseling center and also serves on faculty for the University of Texas Medical School. In this capacity, she provides behavioral health consultation to medical residents.

Outside of the office she spends a significant portion of her time writing, teaching and speaking to audiences about her signature method called the BackStory Breakthrough Method™.  This method is focused on helping individuals change mindset and limiting beliefs.  She combines her practical, straightforward approach, narrative therapy skills and her Christian perspective to give clients and audiences a memorable experience.

Dr. Neely is licensed by the Texas State Board of Professional Counselors and is an approved counselor supervisor. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sam Houston State University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Prairie View A & M University and a PhD in Counselor Education from St. Mary’s University. She is supported by her husband and two beautiful daughters.

The BackStory Retreat

CKC Custom Homes
7902 Calle Rialto
San Antonio, TX, 78257

March 31, 2018
Price $350

Sponsored by CKC Custom Homes

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