Are you a successful women who everyone thinks has it all together?

Do you  find yourself always giving your time, advice, and money to love ones and friends?

Do you  struggle with anger, sadness,  and low confidence but feel like you have no one to talk to because everyone leans on you for support.

Even the most successful women has days and sometimes months where they need advice and a place where they can let their hair down and not  be in control.  Being successful does not mean you don’t struggle with insecurities or have issues that need to be worked out BUT successful women  figure out how to find the help they need to overcome  obstacles.



If you answered YES to these questions A VIP day is exactly what you need!

What’s a VIP Day

A VIP  day is reserved for successful women who are looking to take their life to the next level. This is not a counseling session or a workshop.  It is an individual coaching day where the focus is solely on you. If you have had some level of success in your life but still find yourself overthinking situations, having unhappy romantic relationships, seconding guessing yourself, and not  having the level of confidence you know you should have at this point in your life, a VIP day is for you.  You will spend 4 hours allowing Dr. Neely to coach you to success by uncovering the behaviors and thoughts that block your full success.

How Does it Work?

Come prepared to work! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and are ready to be more honest and vulnerable than ever before. Your VIP day will last 4 hours including one break.

Dr. Neely will begin by giving you a BackStory assessment. This tool will quickly uncover what your primary and secondary BackStories.

Next, you will move on to processing through your core BackStory. This step is often the most emotional. Dr. Neely will facilitate several exercises that will allow you to move through past hurts and pains.

In step three Dr. Neely will introduce you to techniques that will allow you to break the BackStories hold in your life. The steps will encompass physical and emotional components.

The last step will be where you put it all together, set goals for your future, and emerge from the process ready to tackle your life in a new big bold way.

Who is this really for?

Executive women leaders

Entrepreneurs/Small business owners


Women who are ready for a new level of success

Where is It Held?

VIP Days are typically held in bread and breakfast locations, hospitality executive suites, and small meeting rooms.  If you do not live in the San Antonio area she is willing to travel to your state or town if schedules allow.

Who Should NOT Attend?

This is not for individuals who are currently struggling with severe depression or suicidal thoughts. This is not for someone looking for an extended counseling session. The VIP Day is not a counseling experience.  The day is reserved for women only. 

How Much Does It Cost?

$500.00 4 hour session 1 day experiences  (Cost will vary  if  you need  Dr. Neely travels to your area)

How Do I Get Started?

Email Dr. Neely at Please indicate that you are interested in talking with her about a VIP Day. She will give you a free phone consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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