Before She Goes!

Self-Confidence Building Workshop for Mother’s, Daughters & Mentors

It truly takes a village to raise a successful, strong, young women. Mothers and mentors are some of the most amazing people on earth but it’s so hard to do it alone. This workshop brings the wisdom of mothers and mentors together to inspire the young women in your life “Before She Goes”. Whether she is about to go off to college, start her first job, enter the military, or enter her first serious relationship, this workshop will equip her with the tools she needs to be confident, strong and successful.  The focus is on empowering her with the tools you wish your younger self would have known.

Customer Testimonials

  • Transformative. “That word closely expresses my interactions with Dr. Kirleen Neely.  She is patient, gentle, calm, confident, insightful, and gifted.  I came to her broken seeking restoration.  She offered the tools for me to self-redirect my hurts and to fix my brokenness."

  • "Dr. Neely is more than a counselor. Her warmth and kindness allows you to relax and feel comfortable while expressing your feelings. She genuinely cares and takes time to bring you to a comfortable level. You feel power over your issues before you leave her session."

  • "It’s obvious once you get to know Dr. Neely why her clients have supported her throughout the years. Dr. Neely is truly a talented individual who put her heart into any opportunity that is presented to her whether that is as a therapist, author or educator."

    Belia T.

How the Workshop Will Work:

  • The workshop is broken down into FIVE crucial areas of success for young women; self-worth, relationships, career, health, and spirituality.
  • You and your daughter will listen to a dynamic presentation from thought leaders in each of these areas. All presentations will leave your daughter will concrete tools for success.
  • Each presentation will be followed by interactive exercises to really bring the content home.
  • Mothers and daughters will then break out into small groups where they can collaborate, discuss, and brain storm. The daughter group will share their thoughts feelings and the mother group will share their collective wisdom.
  • The workshop will end with village doing a ceremony to mark their time together.

Who Can Attend:

  • Mothers and Daughters age sixteen and older or mother figures and their daughters

What You Will Get:

  • Workbook
  • Light refreshments
  • Open Loving Atmosphere
  • Real tools for a lifetime of success

Date: October 14, 2017

Time: 10:00-1:00

Place: Marriot Hotel San Antonio, Texas 11605 State Hwy 151 San Antonio, TX 78025 Phone Number (210) 509-3700

Cost: $220.00 per couple (mother/daughter or mentor and daughter)

 Setting: Small intimate group of attendees

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