Your BackStory is all the difficult events and situations that have happened in your life. These events turn into a story you tell yourself over and over again. The story eventually becomes the little voice in your head that either tells you – you can take on the world or makes you feel like you are not good enough. This voice has allowed you to settle for bad relationships, not believe in yourself, over react, shut down, and not go for your dreams.

If you over think situations, second guess yourself, and settle for relationships that don’t work – your BackStory is the problem.

The method works by helping you:

1) Identify the thoughts and behaviors that are secretly sabotaging your success.
2) Learning concrete strategies to silence your inner critic, or what some call the little voice in your head.
3) Gain tools and new daily practices to ensure success.

The BackStory Method is infused with principles from three empirically proven theories of change; including positive psychology, narrative therapy, and cognitive therapy. Each systematic step in the method carefully implements principals from these core proven change theories.

Core Principles

• Your narrative drives your life outcome; change your narrative and your life will change.
• Negative emotions are caused by what you reinforce in your brain, rewire how you process information and you will change how you feel and behave.
• True change happens by believing first then doing, there is power in setting positive intentions.

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